AboutThe X

The X is the project created by Ivan Lopez and Juanma Vidal in Valencia (Spain), in the year 2006, after the dissolution of its previous band, Xperimental Shop.

The X was conceived as an evolution from their sound, a strange mess of electro, pop, rock and reggae music, and for this they decided to select Pere Munuera (drums), Alessandro Cesarini (bass) and Paco Beltran (percussion) as the final pieces of the perfect puzzle. Each band member comes from a different style and The X Engine crafts a soundscape that amalgamates all their possibilities.

After a year of composing, they spent 2 months at Millenia Studios in Valencia, recording their first album, “Neutralizer”, recorded and produced by themselves and mixed by Ivan Lopez and the valencian producer Vicente Sabater. In June of 2007, The X produce their first video, “The Glow”, and 3 months later they release their first album The X “Neutralizer”.

On October of 2007, Ramon Ferrer joins The X as a live engineer and after making some gigs on Spain, they receive the support from the record label “Galileo MC”, to reedit “Neutralizer” in a DeLuxe Edition including a Dvd with many extras. They inmediatly begin to work on the Dvd “The X Visions”, that includes 2 live songs, 3 remixes with video-art from Rafa Monzo (Tanaka-clan), a documentary of the recording process, directed by Ivan Lopez and Juanma Vidal called “The Neutralizer Sessions” and their second video, “Dark Lights”, also directed by themselves.

On September of 2009, The X “Neutralizer” Deluxe Edition is released in Spain and Germany, this time, with the label Galileo MC.

On May of 2010, after several TV Shows and the success on the Media (Rolling Stone, Mondosonoro, El Pais, WestzeitÖ), The X is nominated for The Independent Music Awards 2010 organized by the UFI with the support of Radio3.

After finishing the Neutralizer Tour, on December 2010 The X begin the creation of their second album called “Universal Aromavision”. Meanwhile they produce their 3rd video for their single “Zoo Regeneration”.

On April 2011 The X sign with Canada based Songsurfer Corporation, managed by Claus Altvater, who worked before successfully as Executive Producer and Producer for guitarist Al Di Meola on two projects.

Two months later The X book Millenia Studios, in Valencia, to record their new album “Universal Aromavision”. The album was finished at Studios Piccolo in Montreal with the guitar player Al Di Meola, and the multi-instrumentist Efren Lopez as special guests.

Al Di Meola had the following to say about the project: “Ivan Lopez’s project “The X ” is for me a sonic delight! His clever craftsmanship in sound, voice, song structure and especially programming make this project so cool! I can’t stop playing this and am so happy I was a part in it as well!”

“Universal Aromavision” was produced by Ivan Lopez, Claus Altvater and Vicente Sabater and mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios, London, on March 2012.

The album was a Songsurfer Corporation project and was released and distributed in Germany by Cargo Records on September, the 21st of 2012. Two months later, The X released their new album in Spain too, with the label Altafonte.

On October of 2012, The X released a new album with 7 songs recorded live in a concert in Wah-Wah Club, Valencia. The album was named “X-Ray Visions” (Live in Valencia) and released by Songsurfer Records.

In 2013, the band begins the “Universal Aromavision Tour” and play in summer festivals and also little clubs. But they cannot stop to create music so they release a special EP called “My Safe Town. Rare Versions of the Nuclear Lullaby from The X” with 6 different remixes of the same song. They also made a short film in Budapest directed by Andras Studinger inspired by the song.

On November of 2013 The X release a new Album, “Universal Aromavision Remixed”, a totally different Album just inspired by the original songs with collaborations of Djs and new artists from the Underground scene of Valencia. Includes new mixes from the original takes and also a lot of reworks and new recordings done by The X in collaboration with the artists. The Album is produced by Ivan Lopez and Ramon Ferrer, and is released digitally by Songsurfer Records on November, 22nd of 2013.

In 2015 Songsurfer Records release a cd-limited edition of “Universal Aromavision Remixed” that includes a new remix of the song “Stratos” featuring Al Di Meola and Eric Johnson together in the same track for the first time ever. In this year The X also release a new song called “Crown Zero” featuring the reggae artists Payoh SoulRebel & Missal Fall.

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