The X Biography

The X is the project created in 2006 by Ivan Lopez and Juanma Vidal in Valencia (Spain). In 2007 they added a new rhythmic section formed by Pere Munuera, Alessandro Cesarini and Paco Beltran. Their music is a strange mess of electro, pop & rock with powerful grooves that combine elements of reggae, dub and trip hop.

They’ve played in festivals, clubs and venues around Spain. They design everything they edit, they make their own videos, and they also produce their albums. Their music also appeared in fashion fairs, tv series and multiple soundtracks (2 songs in the movie «Tres metros sobre el cielo“).
The X have released 2 albums, Neutralizer (2009) and Universal Aromavision (2012). This one was mastered in London by Tim Young, who mastered some Massive Attack albums, and Al Di Meola played in two songs, Dazzler and Stratos.
They have also released digitally a live album, an Ep and a remix album featuring guitarist Eric Johnson in one song.
In 2018 The X opened the 4ever Valencia festival, sharing the stage with Prodigy, Manic Street Preachers and The Cult.
The band have released their latest works with the canadian independent label Songsurfer Records and they have just released their third album Xplorers.

Recent Works